The Journey with Ron Moore

Turning Point

Have you come to a fork in the road?  A waypoint where your life has taken a decidedly new route?  A place where the most important road has become clear and defined the remainder of your journey?

Ron Moore shows us the way to that adventure in today’s program.  Follow the directions and you’ll discover the trip of a lifetime.

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Journey Through the Gospels

Would you like to sense the anticipation of the people as Jesus stood up to preach? Would you like to feel the joy and wonder as the scales fell from the eyes of the man born blind? Would you like to see Jesus for the first time—all over again? That can be your everyday experience with Ron Moore’s devotional titled: “Journey through the Gospels.”

In these three-hundred-sixty-five insightful meditations, Ron takes you on a challenging trip through the life of Christ. Along the way, Jesus will touch your soul and spirit with life-changing truths and tender affection.

Journey through the Gospels” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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