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The Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:3  
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The word “poor” means “to beg” or “to be a beggar.” It describes those who cannot sustain themselves and are totally dependent on others for support. To be poor in spirit is to be a spiritual beggar.

No part of my person is untouched by sin. My thinking, attitudes, actions, desires and words are tainted by sin’s power. There is no way to break the curse. In theology this is called the Doctrine of Total Depravity. I am helpless and hopeless . . . until Jesus comes.

Those who realize their desperate state turn to the only One who can help. The poor in spirit are desperate . . . for Jesus, for His forgiveness, for His gift of salvation. The poor in spirit are eager for God’s enabling power, and God never disappoints. Those who admit their helplessness and turn to Jesus receive the greatest gift! They inherit the kingdom of heaven!

If you have not trusted in Jesus, please make the following prayer your own.

Father, I admit that I am a spiritual beggar. There is nothing I can do to make me good enough for You. There is nothing I can do to work my way to You. I am helpless and hopeless. Today I trust in Jesus. Please forgive me for the things I have done. Please correct me from the path I am on. I turn to Jesus for His forgiveness and salvation. I trust in Jesus alone. In His name I pray. Amen.


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