The Journey with Ron Moore

When you have driven your life into the ground through disobedience how do you put it all together again? Ron Moore shares how King David picked up the pieces of his shattered world and through God’s strength recovered what was lost. It’s an example you can follow as well.

Isaiah promises: “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.” In this half-hour, Ron Moore shows us how that strength is acquired, especially by those returning from a place of disobedience.

A single, deliberate trespass can lead us down the broad way where other sins gather to devour our fragmented faith. Ron Moore offers a return path to the narrow road of obedience. A journey that will heal us and make us whole again.

James tells us the double-minded person is unstable in all of his or her ways. So why do we often choose the dishonesty of a double life over the stability of obedience? Ron Moore gives us three reasons…and the way back to wholeness.

Self deception is an imperfect science. Our wants, mixed with a heaping measure of rationalization, is a powerful compound that will validate any path we wish to take. But today, from the life of David, Ron Moore demonstrates how, more often than not, that experiment in homebrewed happiness can blow… Continue Reading…

The abundant life Jesus promised winds through dark ravines, over uneven ground and up steep, rocky slopes. And then…there’s a fork in the path. So, on today’s broadcast, Ron Moore offers a cautionary tale. It warns of the fatigue that would divert us from the narrow way we should always… Continue Reading…


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