The Journey with Ron Moore

While we can only see the outward appearance, “the Lord looks on the heart.”

Joshua, the Old Testament leader of Israel, was given a heavy assignment. Following the great leader Moses, God charged Joshua to lead Israel into the Promised Land. Joshua knew the challenges and risks. Seven groups of people inhabited the Canaan and there would be many battles to fight. Right after… Continue Reading…

Believers know that following Christ involves sacrifice. There will be battles to fight. We want to know if the battles will be worth it. Joshua knew that they would not enter the Promised Land the next day or the day after that. There would be many battles to fight. Seven… Continue Reading…

The work of Jesus on the cross was applied to this condemned man. All his sin was laid on Jesus, and he passed from death to life. Such is the power of grace. Such is the fullness of forgiveness.

Have you ever stumbled home after a fight for godliness and wondered if the pain was worth it?  Perhaps even thinking about surrendering to your darker desires or the world’s easier path. Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin share a cautionary tale from one of the Bible’s greatest heroes…. Continue Reading…

Work has intrinsic worth. Whatever you do for a living has significance beyond the living it provides. What you do has value in God’s economy. Today, Ron Moore shares Solomon’s wisdom for doing what you do conscientiously and with ultimate meaning in mind.

The first Christian martyr demonstrated that life is only worth living if what you have is worth dying for.  And so, Stephen did both.  He found a life worth living in Christ and was stoned to death for his faith. Today Ron Moore challenges us to live as Stephen lived,… Continue Reading…

Mark 14:51-52 A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind. The young man in today’s passage is not identified, but many believe he was John Mark, the writer of this gospel. This story is found… Continue Reading…


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