The Journey with Ron Moore

Many in the modern world have rediscovered an ancient fascination with angels. For some that fascination borders on worship. Ron Moore offers four ways in which Jesus is superior to the angels. Listen and learn why we must never allow a created thing to compete for our worship of the… Continue Reading…

Let’s just worship God in thanksgiving. Reflect on all that God has done for you, provided for you, and how he has cared for you.

Dependence on ourselves is antithetical to dependence on God.

Through your joy or through your tears, proclaim that His deeds are “great and marvelous.” Regardless of your circumstances, tell Him that His ways are “just and true.” Bow before Him in a posture of worship and say, “Father, You alone are holy.”

Regardless of when and how history winds down, we belong to Jesus. And this we know for sure: Jesus wins!

We can’t just go through the motions. True worship is proven by actions.

He’s the genie in our prayer bottle.  With one heartfelt petition we expect God to appear and grant our wish.  That done we’ll stuff Him back in the flask until our next crisis. Or, as Ron Moore is about to share, He’s the sovereign of the universe, deserving our worship… Continue Reading…

He is the living God! He desires a fresh and vibrant relationship with those who follow Him.

How do you respond to a God like our God? Only one way. Worship Him with your entire life!

Today is the day to put knowledge into practice.


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