The Journey with Ron Moore

You are not alone; God is with you. The weight may be heavy, but God will carry it for you.

One thing I am certain of – God is always with me. He is Immanuel, and He will be with me to the end.

God sent Jesus to die just for you! That’s how much He loves you! You are a child of the living God. He takes great pleasure in you.

As we approach forks in the road, He warns us of the dangerous path and guides us along the right way. God’s Word is light for the journey.

Continuing our study of Psalm 23, we see that often to get to the mountain top, you have to go through a valley. And the valley is a transition, not the end. Among the flock, there was no fear – because the Shepherd was present. And the same is true… Continue Reading…

The Promise was not a politician who came to change the laws of the land. The Promise was not a philosopher who came to teach morality. The Promise did not come as a military leader ready to take troops into battle. The Promise did not appear as a religious leader paving a way for man to work his way to God. The Promise “became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

God was with John as he grew and “became strong in spirit.”


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