The Journey with Ron Moore

Pride goes before a fall! Edom’s arrogance and cruelty against God’s people led to their doom. Obadiah teaches us that even when it seems our enemy is winning, in the end, God will always deliver His people.

Like a downhill skier in the winter Olympics, the Christian often teeters between a winning run to the finish line and crashing into a snowbank. We’re constantly balancing between the liberty of the Gospel and the constraints of a holy life. In this half-hour, Ron Moore shares how we must… Continue Reading…

There is a fortress to which Christian soldiers can flee when the slings and arrows of temptation are overwhelming them.  It’s a place of rest and renewal.  It’s a place where battles are won. In this broadcast, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin offer directions to that stronghold and… Continue Reading…

It’s vital that the soldier of Christ knows his capabilities and his vulnerabilities. The enemy is well aware of them and prepares the battlefield to exploit both. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin share the secrets of victory found in knowing God and knowing ourselves.

What if you gained the world of business and career but lost your family?  Would that count as success or failure? Well, as Ron Moore is about to teach us, from the life of King David, you can be praised for victory in the workplace, but be unable to enjoy… Continue Reading…

I have coached a variety of recreational sports in my community. I hate to admit it, but for many years I was a downright jerk. Now, years removed from my coaching “jerkiness,” it’s hard to believe that I took winning so seriously. But I did. Several of us coaches worked… Continue Reading…


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