The Journey with Ron Moore

The world does not wander from event to happenstance event.  There are purpose and direction in its history.  Language, culture, and political power must all bend the knee to a sovereign God. Today Ron Moore looks at that glad reality as he recounts the timing, place, and people God arranged… Continue Reading…

What does it mean to know Jesus?  What is it to accept Him on His terms?  What must our attitude be as we welcome Him into our lives? Ron Moore is here to answer those questions.  He’ll do that with a look at one person’s response to the announcement of… Continue Reading…

What is true contentment and what does it feel like? Ron Moore teaches you how to learn its secret and thereby find lasting satisfaction.

A legacy is not left in a snapshot. It is the sum-total of a life lived for self or for God or some combination of both. Today, Ron Moore outlines the life whose legacy stands the test of time and eternity.

If we’re to successfully scale the challenges of life we must be connected to Christ and other believers.  Without a firm union to both we will fall. On today’s podcast, Ron Moore helps us “rope-in” to our climbing partners so we can summit the peak together.

Have the shackles of pain or circumstance left you feeling bereft of freedom?  Are you chained to past hurts and sins?  Did you know you can live in liberty bound by the former, while the latter can imprison you in a cell of your own making? On today’s podcast, Ron… Continue Reading…

Are you sure?  It’s a question all of us have been asked, at one time or another, but it takes on greater importance when it’s your spiritual strength that’s at issue So today, with a special challenge to Moms, Ron Moore prepares you to answer with a firm; “Yes, I’m… Continue Reading…

He was under house arrest…chained to centurions…living a life that everyone dreams about…his days filled with purpose and great joy. Today, Ron Moore shares the secret of living that kind of life, as demonstrated by the Apostle Paul, and outlined in a short prison-letter to his brothers and sisters in… Continue Reading…

Thank God for His gracious welcome back when we humbly return from the land of forgetfulness.


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