The Journey with Ron Moore

As David neared death, he desired three things for his son. 

There were many items and architectural details in the tabernacle that inform your story today. In this half-hour, Ron Moore details those symbols and shares what they mean in your walk with Jesus.

How easily pleased are you? What about in your spiritual life? What are you willing to settle for in your walk with Christ? With those questions as a backdrop, today Ron Moore explores one of the hardest and most difficult passages in scripture.

Has looking at the ceiling for so long dulled your eyes and weakened your desire to take up your mat and walk?  Does guilt have your shoulders pinned and your heart discouraged? Ron Moore asks a penetrating question…the answer to which can set you free to walk again in Christ’s… Continue Reading…

Let’s agree to meet with God and walk with him…all the way home.

Truth. Love. Obedience. Foundational stuff…that we often forget.

How closely are you following Jesus the Nazarene? Are you near enough to see the calloused hands that held a hammer and nails? Can you hear his voice both kind and commanding? Can you see the determination on his face to do the Father’s will? Today Ron Moore begins a… Continue Reading…

Hear His instruction – stand up and walk in obedience. He desperately wants you to get up off the spiritual mat and follow hard after Him. Do you want to?

He’ll carry you. This path is the good way. Walk in it and find rest for your soul.

It’s time to stop the secret games and make the journey home to God’s welcoming arms of mercy.


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