The Journey with Ron Moore

Ask God to give you the humility to seek help. Don’t let your pride get in the way.

What is there in life that you just can’t live without? The something or someone that makes every day brighter and better? Now, what if God asked you to give it, or him, or her up? Would you? As Ron Moore is about to share, that’s exactly what God asked… Continue Reading…

God promises to hear our cries. And He promises that when we seek Him with a sincere heart, we will find Him waiting for us with open arms. God is not finished with you!

The tests God sends are not meant to tear us down but to build us up. God is in the process of developing us today for what He wants us to do tomorrow.

When does the phrase: “I give up” signal victory instead of defeat? When does “my sacrifice” mean getting everything I truly want? Ron Moore shares those paradoxes through the story of Abraham and Isaac. It’s there that you’ll find triumph and plenty.

It’s time to take possession of the great things that God has for you. What are you waiting for? Get up and get going! There are some great things in store on the other side of the Jordan!

If you have the needed information, speak up! When you don’t your silence is sin.

Our spiritual flight has many ups and downs. The wind currents of life lift us up and drag us down. The atmosphere of sin causes us to stumble and fall. We grow weary from the journey and start a dangerous descent. But God is there every time. Like a mother eagle, he carries us on his all-powerful wings.

Whatever you are going through today, Jesus understands. Rejection. Disappointment. Death. Pain. Jesus has experienced your emotions and He wants to give you needed strength.

Jesus’ question to the Father was a deep cry of His unfathomable love for us.  Even when He felt forsaken by the Father, even when He didn’t know how much longer He could hold on, even when the pain was unimaginable, Jesus never gave up. He never gave in. Jesus paid for sin in its deepest and fullest penalty for you and me.


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