The Journey with Ron Moore

Is it narrow-minded to follow the narrow way, to extol its exclusiveness, and claim its truth?  Or is it simply the wisest choice? Today, Ron Moore answers that question with the authority found in the Bible’s final prophecy.

Purchase the finest French perfume and then add a dash of vinegar to the bouquet. Would you wear it to the ball…or even the ballgame? Ron Moore outlines the spiritual scent of error combined with truth. It is a stench in the nostrils of God and not a fragrance to… Continue Reading…

When God opens our mouths with His message, we cannot be silent. We must share the truth God gives us so that people will know that He alone is the LORD.

Are you the kind of worshiper God is looking for?

Successful spiritual living isn’t a matter of happenstance.  It takes training in the truth. Training that only comes when we hold to the fundamentals of the faith. Today, Ron Moore continues that instruction from an ancient document.

Where does the Bible fit in the context of truth and life? Does it really matter and is it truly reliable? Today, Ron Moore will offer that context so that you can discover the importance of God’s Word for every circumstance and every need.

God will not be worshipped in a box.  Even a pretty one with colored windows and soaring arches does not impress Him.  He’s looking for intimate and open and often messy places. Ron Moore will be here in a moment to tell you where that’s found.

Where do you find the highest pinnacle of worship?  The place where God inhabits the praise of His people? On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore takes you there, and if you listen well, you’ll never be the same.

How do you establish the truth of a matter? What part does repetition play in confirming your faith? Today, Ron Moore offers foundational propositions that make Christian faith certain.


Prayer. That word, and the practice of it, fills you with great hope and struggling doubt. You wonder: what precisely is prayer? And how can I pray in a way that God hears and responds to me?  Those are the questions answered in Ron Moore’s insightful devotional titled: “Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life.

During this month long journey you’ll learn how living in awe of God, submitting to His will and resting in daily dependence on Him can make prayer engaging and effective.

Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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