The Journey with Ron Moore

Have you come to the point in your life where you have trusted in Jesus alone as the only One who can bridge the great separation between you and God?

Being a Christian is not about future “life insurance”; it’s walking with Christ today. When you follow Jesus, repentance will be demonstrated by your deeds.

You can’t save yourself. Only Jesus can save you. Trust Him completely to take you through this life and one day carry you home.

Do you have that peace? Have you trusted in Christ as the only way you can know God and finally enter into a relationship with Him?

God knew that the answer to Job’s questions was not “Why?” but “Who?” When we understand that the “Who?” behind all our life is God, that knowledge translates into trust.

Can God be trusted? Yes! Can you trust God? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Right now, in the midst of your battle, cry out to God. Let Him know that you are in desperate need of His help.

What road are you on? Are you headed to the destination of death or life? Have you trusted in Jesus alone as the only One who can place you into a loving, personal, and eternal relationship with God?

The obstacles you face today may seem as impossible as the cities and people in the Promised Land seemed to the ten fearful spies. You may feel small and weak compared to your problems. And you know what? You are! But God isn’t.

Today, for all who trust in the work of Christ to bring them into a personal relationship with God, that same power exists. Have you trusted in Jesus as the one who made the way to God?


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