The Journey with Ron Moore

How do you mark significant spiritual advances, and what does that marker do for your continued journey toward heaven? Ron Moore looks at those questions and the difference a simple memorial can make in a believer’s life.

In the higher land beyond today’s roiling torrent, there are stunning vistas and green pastures.  But to get there you’ll have to trust someone and cross the hammering current according to His instruction. Ron Moore shares that instruction in this half-hour.  We’ll see you on the other side.

Let God know your doubts and ask him to replace that doubt with trust.

God is the only source of true security.

Thank God for the challenges of today that are preparing you for tomorrow.

Is your life’s anchor secure? Do you truly trust those ropes and hooks to keep you safely fastened and on an even keel? And what happens when you weigh that anchor on a storm-tossed sea? As Ron Moore is about to teach us, that surety can be had when you… Continue Reading…

The door of heaven is open for all who trust in Jesus Christ.

Even amidst my fears, doubts, and questions, He will always keep His promises.

Is Jesus your source of eternal salvation? By your own efforts, you cannot have a relationship with God no matter how hard and how long you try.

This truth gives us the freedom to respond to God’s amazing grace in loving obedience. Is that the life you’re living?


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