The Journey with Ron Moore

The same God that led Israel is the same God at work in our lives today.

Great things are not completed in a day.  A leader, a nation, and life take time, preparation, and instruction. And those things are never easy. Ron Moore offers a look at each, through the story of the second greatest man in the Bible.

There at the narrow border between obedience and disobedience stands the shaky attitude of pride.  And without careful support from God and His Word it can quickly topple into enemy territory. So, just ahead, Ron Moore is coming to offer scriptural warnings about the things that cause your pride to… Continue Reading…

Sometimes it’s the absence of things that make a place special…and even heavenly. Ron Moore makes a list of those things from the pages of John’s Revelation.  Listen to see how many are on your list and the ones you wouldn’t expect there.

When you demonstrate your willingness to trust Him and not hold back . . . get ready . . . He is going to do some great things in your life!

Human events have stepped through the centuries, heading to a set point known only to the Father. But as history finally counts down to the end, God has some extraordinary things to reveal and to conceal. Today, Ron Moore shares the “what” and “why” of those timely things.

We will find that God never fails!

When God wants you to do great things for Him, He is not satisfied with a good start but no follow-through. Get up and get to work. Finish the task God has called you to!

He waits for you with open arms. Time for you to make that journey back home, isn’t it?

As believers, our purpose is to do great things for God. Our ambition should be to follow hard after Him.


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