The Journey with Ron Moore

The Son of God entered the world as a baby who was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. Immanuel. God with us. But his purpose was much greater than the incarnation. Much greater than his perfect example. Greater than his miracles and teaching. Today Ron Moore explains… Continue Reading…

Truth begs to be lived out. It implores you to order life under its teaching. But first, you must learn how it applies in your situation. Ron Moore concludes his series in Hebrews with a look at what it all means for you.

What does Jesus do that keeps your faith fresh? That’s Ron Moore’s focus on today’s program. Follow the Lord’s teaching and rivers of living water will flow from your life.

Genuine faith is not something you pass down like an heirloom. Real faith must be learned, seen, and personally experienced.

The same God that led Israel is the same God at work in our lives today.

God is God! Sometimes his ways and timing are not completely understood. But even when we might not feel vindicated in real-time, we will eventually because what others mean for evil, God, in His timing, can turn it for good (Gen. 50:20).

Truth. Love. Obedience. Foundational stuff…that we often forget.

As a young person (this instruction applies to young men as well) matures and becomes sexually aware, it is the parents’ responsibility to encourage proper behavior and restrict improper behavior.

God promises that when His Word goes forth, it never comes back empty. It always accomplishes His purpose.

Jesus didn’t stay an infant for long. It was time for Mary and Joseph to prepare Jesus to become a “son of commandment” (bar mitzvah). At that age young boys were obligated to observe the religious practices personally. So Jesus made the trip for Passover. Two decades later he would make the trip again, one last time, giving his life on the cross.


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