The Journey with Ron Moore

The door of heaven is open for all who trust in Jesus Christ.

The invitation was so important that it had to be hand-delivered.  God was not content with a mass-mailing…this was personal.  So personal that even if one were lost, the Savior would find you and bring you home. Today Ron Moore tells the story of that invitation, delivered by the pierced… Continue Reading…

Sometimes, when you’re least expecting it, light shines into your life.  You see…clearer than you’ve ever seen before.  You see the way forward and you see the Savior who guides you. Today Ron Moore examines that light as seen through the eyes of one born blind. His “first sight” will… Continue Reading…

Are you on your back, staring at the ceiling or sky, and despairing of ever rising again? Ron Moore has some good news.  It’s found in the story of a man leveled by infirmity and renewed by the Savior.  It can be your story, too.

It was a humble start for the Son of God’s earthly ministry. Baptism…in a muddy river at a remote location. But that small beginning holds great significance for you and me. In this broadcast Ron Moore shares that meaning so that we can truly know the Savior and follow him… Continue Reading…

How closely are you following Jesus the Nazarene? Are you near enough to see the calloused hands that held a hammer and nails? Can you hear his voice both kind and commanding? Can you see the determination on his face to do the Father’s will? Today Ron Moore begins a… Continue Reading…

Our passage today gives us clear instruction regarding pride.

There’s a truism in sports that claims, “You play like you practice.”  In your spiritual life it could also be said that “You pray like you practice.” Ron Moore shares a practice model straight from the lips of Jesus.  Get it right and you’ll pray like the Savior.

He desires to pick up the heavy pack and carry it for you. God our Savior is the One who “daily bears our burdens!”

One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord . . . Ruler of all! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Confess Jesus as your Savior, Lord, and King today!


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