The Journey with Ron Moore

Ask God to strengthen your heart with his faithfulness and presence.

God was with her. His presence drove away the fear.

There is a safe harbor. A spiritual place where you can shelter from the storm. There, though the winds of adversity rage, your anchor will hold fast and secure. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore provides coordinates to that port. Once you find it you’ll never want to leave.

Hold on! One day there will be no reason for your tears!

Merry Christmas! Christ in you, the hope of glory.  That’s how Paul describes believers.  But sometimes you wonder about that.  Sometimes it seems your old nature has pushed God out of your life. Ron Moore has some good news.  It comes in the form of four truths that evidence the… Continue Reading…

Purchase the finest French perfume and then add a dash of vinegar to the bouquet. Would you wear it to the ball…or even the ballgame? Ron Moore outlines the spiritual scent of error combined with truth. It is a stench in the nostrils of God and not a fragrance to… Continue Reading…

As we approach forks in the road, He warns us of the dangerous path and guides us along the right way. God’s Word is light for the journey.

Attempts to enter into worship are sometimes aborted journeys. That’s often because of the billboard-size distractions that hail us along the way. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore points out two such diversions that are noted in the Word of God. He’ll teach you how to deal with them so that… Continue Reading…

We depend on His strength and help to make it through the troughs of life. He is the God of the hills and the valleys.

Are you facing an impossible situation? Turn to God. “Perhaps the Lord will act on [your] behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.”


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