The Journey with Ron Moore

Read God’s Word and avoid the sinful storms!

Can you trust Him . . . even standing in the whirlwind of your questions?

Slow down and wait on God. He is seldom early, but He is never late.

With apologies to Jackie Deshannon, “What the world needs now is perfect love sweet love.” It’s the only thing that can banish the fear that permeates the world. Ron Moore tells us where that love is found and how you can share it with your world.

We know that the same God who guided the events of this book is guiding the events of our lives today.

We will not always understand God’s timing and ways, but we can be sure of this . . . God is sovereign over all.

No one sails on calm waters all the way home. Our ship will get rocked! But today’s passage gives us great truths to nail down. And as we sail for home, we can say with David, “Who is God besides the Lord?”

God’s commands are based on His omniscience and His perfect will. There are always consequences when we refuse to follow his instructions. True worship and submission to God begin with an attitude of “Lord, you know best. Please give me the strength and determination to follow your instruction.”

God was humiliated. With the angels poised at the edge of heaven to charge, the Word remained silent. He prepared to be delivered as the perfect sacrifice for sin. He did it all for us.

Prayer is a personal conversation with God. It is not a laundry list of commands or must-haves. In the conversation with my heavenly Father, I can and should express my personal desires just like Jesus did. And, just like Jesus did, I should hand over my desires to the perfect will of God. That’s not a lack of faith. It’s called humble obedience.


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