The Journey with Ron Moore

Let’s live today in such a way that people take note of our deep joy and deliberate rejoicing.

Anything you need to bring before God in true confession? God is waiting with open arms for you.

Help us own and live out our faith in a wholehearted way that honors you.

Long before people see your actions, God sees your heart.

The first Christmas was planned well before Mary was with child.  The reason for that birth was decided long before Calvary’s Cross. In this half-hour, Ron Moore examines the first whisper of those events and the tragic Good News it foreshadowed. .

The world does not wander from event to happenstance event.  There are purpose and direction in its history.  Language, culture, and political power must all bend the knee to a sovereign God. Today Ron Moore looks at that glad reality as he recounts the timing, place, and people God arranged… Continue Reading…

Are you bearing spiritual fruit? Is anyone talking about your faith and love?

Pride goes before a fall! Edom’s arrogance and cruelty against God’s people led to their doom. Obadiah teaches us that even when it seems our enemy is winning, in the end, God will always deliver His people.

God will bring you back home, too, if you let Him. He wants you to be His child. He desires to be your God. He will take the heart that is divided and make it fully His.

One of these days people who just hang around will not be enough; you’re going to need someone to stick close. That day is coming. Better find that friend now.


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