The Journey with Ron Moore

God doesn’t waste your time. He is reminding you that He is all you need, that His grace is abundant, and that He shows up with great power in your weakness.

Whom do you know who is blatantly opposed to Christianity?

What causes the best days of one’s life to be seen only in the rearview mirror?

A rail car will rust away when left by itself on a side-track. But when it’s fully engaged to a powerful locomotive it can carry precious cargo and climb distant mountains. Today Ron Moore proclaims that that kind of power is available to the believer, as revealed by Paul in… Continue Reading…

He was under house arrest…chained to centurions…living a life that everyone dreams about…his days filled with purpose and great joy. Today, Ron Moore shares the secret of living that kind of life, as demonstrated by the Apostle Paul and outlined in a short prison-letter to his brothers and sisters in… Continue Reading…

How does your church deal with conflicting values and views? What happens when one believer thinks something to be permissible and another thinks it to be sin? Ron Moore shares Paul’s guidelines in dealing with those gray areas of Christian conduct.

We have a problem…a big one. God is holy and we are not. To underscore that reality, in this half-hour, Ron Moore introduces us to the Apostle Paul’s teaching on the nature of sin and its consequences for all of us.

What is the Gospel? How would you describe it? Ron Moore explains the foundation that Paul laid in Romans to address that very question. It is the only basis upon which we can stand before God the Father.

As you look across the vast expanse of the Gospel message one book rises above the rest. Ron Moore offers an overview of its landscape. It’s in preparation for a sojourn through this book…a letter from Paul that has influenced most of the revivals and reformations of the Christian era.


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