The Journey with Ron Moore

The world around us seems to be more and more opposed to Christianity. Believers are seen as narrow-minded and out of touch, and the media finds many professing Christians who fit that stereotype. We will be treated as Jesus was treated. The question is: Will we respond the way Jesus responded?

James tells us the double-minded person is unstable in all his or her ways.  So why do we often choose the dishonesty of a double life over the stability of obedience? Ron Moore gives us three reasons…and the way back to wholeness.

Worn Out By Obedience

Do you desire to “turn the corner” in your walk with Jesus? If so, maybe you don’t know where to start. You feel held back by the past, or maybe you’re calloused by sin.

Well, King David, the man after God’s own heart, experienced this very thing. In Ron Moore’s book “Worn out by Obedience” David is presented as a spiritual mentor. He’s both flawed and on fire. He’s the person you are and the person you want to be.

In “Worn out by Obedience” you’ll discover how God often molds your heart, like King David’s, in seasons of brokenness, loneliness, and disappointment—sometimes even in your waywardness.

“Worn out by Obedience,” is published by Moody Press and can be yours for a donation of any amount.


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