The Journey with Ron Moore

They are the people we work with. They are friends and family. Many are living lives of quiet desperation, hiding a secret from the world.  Some have come out of the closet. All are people whom God loves. Today, Ron Moore talks about their struggles and the design for biblically… Continue Reading…

May all who look for God find Him . . . right where you are.

Someone has said that the devil is in the details. Not true . . . God is. And when He is present, the devil gets out of the way.

Where do you place your hope? Really? Your idols may be cool for now, but wait until you need something from them.

Our passage today gives us clear instruction regarding pride.

It is a part of God’s love and acceptance that should make us want to worship and honor Him with our lives. Forgiveness allows us to serve God with the reverence He alone deserves.

The Lord is close with comfort. The Lord is there with hope. He never lets go of His children. He saves those who are crushed in spirit.

This passage gives tremendous encouragement to us in facing death. Our Redeemer lives! We have confidence that He will deliver us safely home.


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