The Journey with Ron Moore

What do you have to pass on to those who follow?

Wise people know that to get the most out of life one must, “start with the ending.”  To really live you have to contemplate death and boldly go forward in its shadow. Ron Moore leads us down the victorious path that knows neither reserve nor retreat nor regret.

He is holy—set apart from all things.

Are you looking for a stable place to live your life? One safe from the seismic forces rocking your world. A place to stand, where hope is certain, and security is promised. That’s Ron Moore’s topic today. Listen and find your spiritual footing in this time of global turmoil.

As believers, we have to constantly check our hearts and make adjustments and changes in our lives to demonstrate that we follow God alone.

We’re in a race for our lives. To live abundantly requires passionate concentration and unwavering endurance in Christ. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares how both are available through God’s training program for the race set before us.

Does your life resemble a train wreck waiting to happen?  You’re hurtling down the tracks with full-knowledge there’s a bridge out up ahead. And yet you feel powerless to stop it. Ron Moore has sobering commentary on your life, as reflected in one of the Bible’s most recognizable characters.  Listen…learn…and… Continue Reading…

What is there in life that you just can’t live without? The something or someone that makes every day brighter and better? Now, what if God asked you to give it, or him, or her up? Would you? As Ron Moore is about to share, that’s exactly what God asked… Continue Reading…

Through Jesus, we have access to God all the way from heaven to earth.

The Apostles followed hard after Jesus during their lives and in their deaths. They committed “themselves to their faithful Creator.” They were not only great teachers; they are great examples of suffering according to God’s will.


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