The Journey with Ron Moore

Reflect on a time when God has removed obstacles in your life. Thank him for being God—the Strong One—working on your behalf.

How many areas of your life are lived in the shadowlands?  Those gray areas that are neither black nor white.  Those moral places where your allegiance is somewhat questionable? Well, today Ron Moore shares the cautionary tale of one biblical man who lived between the black and the white…and the… Continue Reading…

What is there in life that you just can’t live without? The something or someone that makes every day brighter and better? Now, what if God asked you to give it, or him, or her up? Would you? As Ron Moore is about to share, that’s exactly what God asked… Continue Reading…

In distressing times, knowing who you are, and whose you are, is vital to navigating the stormy seas of life. In this half-hour, Ron Moore is joined by Dave DiDonato to team-teach what the Bible says about the key identifiers of the stable Christian voyage.

You can trust him with your life, along with all your issues and concerns.

Spiritual reformations begin in a passionate, obedient heart.  But when that revival occurs in the life of a person or country, has a lasting impact on those who follow. Ron Moore is here to examine the timing and results of spiritual change and what they can mean for your life.

When Christ comes again or when we make that last journey from death to life, we will finally be home.

Sometimes what you break is as important as what you make. With that in focus, today, Ron Moore offers biblical advice on destruction and construction so you can build a successful life and legacy.

God is a God of fresh starts.

Here’s a spiritual truth: you can burn the idols in your life to the ground but unless you build an altar to Christ in their place another idol will rise from the ashes. On today’s program, Ron Moore offers seven spiritual lessons that ensure false gods never reappear and that… Continue Reading…

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