The Journey with Ron Moore

Chaos, fear, and conflict seem to rule the headlines and our daily lives. But that’s not new. It was the experience of Israel just before our calendars changed forever. Then peace dawned, not in the political or social systems but in a lowly Bethlehem manger. In this half-hour, Ron Moore… Continue Reading…

One of these days people who just hang around will not be enough; you’re going to need someone to stick close. That day is coming. Better find that friend now.

“He is the Maker of heaven, and earth, the sea and everything in them.” He “remains faithful forever.” Blessed is the one whose confidence is in Him.

They were at first annoying, then oppressive, then horrific.  Demonstrating the power and holiness of God, the ten plagues on Egypt ended in death and sacrifice. But for Israel they brought salvation…the Passover. The Lamb provides salvation to all who sprinkle His blood on the doorposts of their heart.

You can tear up the old, flawed agreement.  A fresh, lasting one has been signed in blood and it is very good news. Ron Moore examines the old document that condemned you and its replacement that was endorsed at the cross.

Fathers. What will your children remember most about you? Your successes, your failures, your tries? Or will it be something else entirely? Something you didn’t realize you’d left behind. Today Ron Moore, a father himself, talks about the threads that weave a strong and lasting legacy.


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