The Journey with Ron Moore

Have you come to a fork in the road?  A waypoint where your life has taken a decidedly new route?  A place where the most important road has become clear and defined the remainder of your journey? Ron Moore shows us the way to that adventure in today’s program.  Follow… Continue Reading…

Through it all, the Father is right there with you. Whatever your present state, you can experience and enjoy (yes, enjoy) the journey with Him.

You want to steer. As you travel down life’s road you like to hold the wheel firmly in your grasp. But what if there’s someone with driving skills greater than your own?  Would you let him steer? Ron Moore poses three important questions in that regard and examines the choices… Continue Reading…

God is working His plan. Stay on the journey . . . keep looking up . . . get ready. God has an eternally important assignment just for you. 

Aren’t you ready to see what God has to teach you? It’s time to come to Jesus and find rest for your soul.

He waits for you with open arms. Time for you to make that journey back home, isn’t it?

God wants to help you! The Father comes to help us on the journey by giving us what we don’t deserve. That’s called grace.

He’ll carry you. This path is the good way. Walk in it and find rest for your soul.

When we find our calling and have a biblical understanding of “stuff,” our days are not about groaning and griping, complaining and carping, fear and fret, apprehension and anxiety. “God keeps [us] occupied with gladness of heart.” Is that cool or what?

It’s time to stop the secret games and make the journey home to God’s welcoming arms of mercy.


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