The Journey with Ron Moore

How about you? What are you learning about God and yourself on this journey? Are you thinking great thoughts of God? Is your energy to follow hard after Him increasing? Are you becoming bolder in telling others about Him? Are you finding contentment in Him alone? Packer’s words describe Joseph. Do they describe you?

God hates injustice but sometimes He uses it to mold our hearts and minds for His service. He did that in the story we hear today. In this broadcast, Ron Moore continues his study of Genesis with a look at the life-shaping trials of Joseph. In the telling perhaps your… Continue Reading…

Family history and dynamics shape the faith and destiny of every member. The children often reflect their parent’s sins and personalities. Sibling influences sibling. In the case of Jacob and his sons that history and dynamic turned to heartache. But God turned it into good. Ron Moore begins a look… Continue Reading…

When it seems your world is spinning out of control where is the handle to steady yourself?  What truth is there that will make it all bearable? This is the true story of a man who knows your pain.


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