The Journey with Ron Moore

It’s a visual masterpiece painted with words by dirt-stained hands and an awe-struck heart. It’s easily the greatest of King David’s art, featuring a confident passion that resonates deep within the human soul. And today, Ron Moore begins an intimate look at that masterpiece…the Twenty-third Psalm.

Humbly accepting that God is incomprehensible is the first step of faith.

Some things God demands of us don’t make practical sense.  But if we’re to grow in grace we must do the things that make sense to God alone.  And in the doing, we’ll experience things beyond human understanding. Today, Ron Moore shares those things that make for fresh encounters with… Continue Reading…

This is the revelation of Jesus Christ. He will guide all things to their appropriate ending and then establish the new heavens and earth.

There is only One name above every name. There is only One to whom we all bow.

Human events have stepped through the centuries, heading to a set point known only to the Father. But as history finally counts down to the end, God has some extraordinary things to reveal and to conceal. Today, Ron Moore shares the “what” and “why” of those timely things.

God has scratched a line in the sand of human behavior and the thoughts that drive it. It is a line of love that protects and also warns. On today’s program, Ron Moore looks at what happens to those who cross that line, even a little, and how they can… Continue Reading…

When we know God, help is not on the way; our Helper is always present with us!

It was hidden from human understanding for millennia…a mystery so profound that only God’s Son could reveal it. Today, Ron Moore pulls back the curtain of sacred history so that you can see the secret of the ages and your place in it.

Doubting God is a disease that continues to infect the human heart. God provides sin’s sacrifice; we proclaim self-sufficiency. God provides forgiveness; we carry our sin. God promises never to leave us; we feel alone.


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