The Journey with Ron Moore

Our Redeemer lives! And we have the confidence that he will deliver us safely home.

Of great importance, in every home, is the box in which the tools of parenting are stored. In this half-hour, Ron Moore equips us with a biblical container that not only holds those tools but also instructs us in their use.

Many, perhaps you, believe themselves to be reasonably selfless…right up to the moment they say, “I do.” Then a life-long struggle with selfishness is discovered and joined. Today, Ron Moore helps you to win that struggle in your home.

Today is the day to seek his forgiveness. Time to come back home.

Christian faith is not blind. In fact, it sees all the way to the city whose foundation lasts forever. In this half-hour, Ron Moore displays the evidence of that claim so you can be sure of your heavenly home.

Pray that God will give you an “understanding mind” to accomplish everything he has for you to do.

Never assume you are too far from God. He is waiting, with open arms, for you to come back home.

When God is all you have, God is all you need.

A road trip is so much easier when we have an experienced navigator to share the miles. Someone who has been down this road. Someone who has reached your intended destination. So it is on the journey of faith. With that in mind, today, Ron Moore presents a traveling companion… Continue Reading…

Thank God for this one life he has given you.


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