The Journey with Ron Moore

Living the Christian life isn’t just hard … it’s impossible.  Save for one extraordinary gift from God no one could ever hope to meet the Gospel’s expectations. So, on today’s broadcast, Ron Moore examines this one gift in order that you may be strengthened for every good work.

He is holy—set apart from all things.

Who will represent you before a holy God? Who will stand up and speak for you when all the evidence of your life condemns you? Who can offer an acceptable sacrifice to satisfy God’s wrath against your sin? In this half-hour, Ron Moore shares the qualifications of such a person…. Continue Reading…

Have you come to the point in your life where you have trusted in Jesus alone as the only One who can bridge the great separation between you and God?

Through your joy or through your tears, proclaim that His deeds are “great and marvelous.” Regardless of your circumstances, tell Him that His ways are “just and true.” Bow before Him in a posture of worship and say, “Father, You alone are holy.”

Sometimes temptation seduces you. Its attractive exterior appears to be the thing you’re looking for. It may even seem the way to a Godly goal. And once you’ve seen it you struggle to pass it up. Ron Moore tells the story of Satan’s subtle temptations of Christ. He finds there,… Continue Reading…

May all who look for God find Him . . . right where you are.

One day you will look to your Maker. Please don’t wait until “that day.” Turn your eyes to the Holy One today!

While our relationship is an intimate one, He is still the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Creator. Thank God that we can have a personal relationship with Him.

Leading out of reverence for God . . . now that puts leadership in a truly biblical perspective.


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