The Journey with Ron Moore

Let’s live today in such a way that people take note of our deep joy and deliberate rejoicing.

We, like Nehemiah, need to be willing to allow God to use us. 

He is the Maker of heaven and earth. He stooped down to breathe into man the breath of life. He is the living God and the life-giver.

As believers, we have to constantly check our hearts and make adjustments and changes in our lives to demonstrate that we follow God alone.

Perhaps today you need to have that talk with God. You can tell him that you disagree with the outcome, but you will continue to worship him as the one and only God.

Tragedy, evil, and pain can blind us to God’s love and purpose.  But as we grope through the darkness there is One who pursues us.  One who wants to lift the veil and help us see. In this half-hour, Ron Moore tells the story of a man who once was… Continue Reading…

How do you mark significant spiritual advances, and what does that marker do for your continued journey toward heaven? Ron Moore looks at those questions and the difference a simple memorial can make in a believer’s life.

Let God know your doubts and ask him to replace that doubt with trust.

Through Jesus, we have access to God all the way from heaven to earth.

When Christ comes again or when we make that last journey from death to life, we will finally be home.


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