The Journey with Ron Moore

During our times of prayer and praise, what is the posture of our hearts?

If you are running away from God it’s time to stop and turn your heart back to him.

He alone fills our fearful and unsettled hearts with peace and joy.

Each part of temptation is dangerous enough. Don’t let them add up to sin.

The Holy Spirit lives within each believer to guide us by means of Scripture, circumstances, godly counsel from godly friends, and his voice speaking within our hearts.

Ask God for you to be an instrument of his peace.

Ask God to allow you to experience his presence and strength.

Tragedy, evil, and pain can blind us to God’s love and purpose.  But as we grope through the darkness there is One who pursues us.  One who wants to lift the veil and help us see. In this half-hour, Ron Moore tells the story of a man who once was… Continue Reading…

If we stop to listen, there are four brooding questions beating an uncertain cadence in our hearts.  They drum and we step lightly into a world where a Sousa march is desperately needed. Today, Ron Moore is here to re-chart those doubtful rhythms so we can triumphantly march to a… Continue Reading…

It’s widely known that a joyful heart is easily displaced by a complaining spirit. But often overlooked are the more damaging aspects of grumbling. Ron Moore shares two principles that will guard your spiritual satisfaction and maintain your heart’s joy.

Strong and Courageous

In a day of doubts and fears, of challenges and opportunities, you need the assurance of God’s power and guidance.

The Children of Israel faced just such days as they entered the Promised Land. How they won the day, with God’s direction and strength, is told in the Book of Joshua.

Now, Ron Moore surveys that heroic story in his encouraging devotional, Strong and Courageous. In its reflections Ron shares thought provoking insights that will equip you to spiritually imitate Israel’s ultimate victories.

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