The Journey with Ron Moore

He looks deeply into the heart and sees our motives and intentions. And when He sees a true servant, He smiles.

My “treasure” is the best tool to evaluate my “heart.” Convicting, isn’t it?

Jesus said that our heart follows after the things we really treasure and value. In what direction is your heart headed?

Can I delight in God when yet another burden is piled on my heavy heart? Habakkuk teaches me that true joy in “God my Savior” is independent of my current issues.

How do the children of divorce process the confusing and conflicting emotions that tear at their hearts? What can you say to them that will restore a lost relationship and keep them close to God? With those questions in view, Ron Moore continues a conversation with special guest Gretchen.  In… Continue Reading…

He is the living God! He desires a fresh and vibrant relationship with those who follow Him.

Unconditional love does not give us a license to sin. It shows us the heart of God. It gives us a desire to demonstrate our love for Him.

Someone has said that the devil is in the details. Not true . . . God is. And when He is present, the devil gets out of the way.

Do you have anything, besides God, set up in your heart?


Do you need prayer?



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