The Journey with Ron Moore

Ask God to give you a desire to read his Word and the commitment to read it every day.

During our times of prayer and praise, what is the posture of our hearts?

The seamless sequence of events you experience every day are held in God’s hands, and he has apportioned their number to each one, according to His good pleasure. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore teaches how those events can be wisely spent for God’s glory and our greater good.

When God is out of the picture, we lose direction and focus. Our thoughts and emotions are easily distracted by our circumstances.

Acknowledge that everything you have and your ability to acquire it comes from God. Thank God for all he has given you.

Ask God to help you wait on him and watch him work.

How closely are you following Jesus the Nazarene? Are you near enough to see the calloused hands that held a hammer and nails? Can you hear his voice both kind and commanding? Can you see the determination on his face to do the Father’s will? Today Ron Moore begins a… Continue Reading…

Sing in spite of the chains that are holding you back. I can’t promise deliverance from your situation, but I can promise freedom within your situation. God will work in His way and in His time.

Eternal life to all who believe. The Word became flesh: Sinful man in communion with the Holy God!

Sovereignty does not stop our prayers; rather, it is the reason we pray.


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