The Journey with Ron Moore

The hinges of history are just as important as the doors to which they’re fastened. They allow one era to pass into another with a push from the sovereign hand of God. Today Ron Moore shares the story of a hinge-couple who connected two eras of God’s chosen nation. It’s… Continue Reading…

This is the revelation of Jesus Christ. He will guide all things to their appropriate ending and then establish the new heavens and earth.

This truth gives us the freedom to respond to God’s amazing grace in loving obedience. Is that the life you’re living?

The keen eye of the artist takes in the scene before him and his hand sketches its outlines onto the canvas. Today, Ron Moore uses the words of the Apostle John to brush the first strokes to a masterpiece of the City of God and its central figure. Listen…and see.

He holds the stars in His hand and you in His eyes.  His love is like thundering velvet, offering both commendation and correction. Today, Ron Moore shares that all-knowing-love as expressed to the people of a first-century congregation.  Listen and see if Christ’s love for them could be shared by… Continue Reading…

He’ll carry you. This path is the good way. Walk in it and find rest for your soul.

As we approach forks in the road, He warns us of the dangerous path and guides us along the right way. God’s Word is light for the journey.

The arm of flesh versus the hand of God. Be confident. God will have His way every time!

The sovereign God used Augustus to move His chosen couple from Nazareth to Bethlehem. As the Proverb says, “In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him” (Proverbs 21:1).  

Not everyone knew about Gabriel’s visit to Zechariah regarding the birth of John the Baptist, the one who would prepare the way for Jesus. But the manner of his birth to parents well past childbearing age, and Zechariah’s recovered speech left them “filled with awe.” They knew that this child was destined for a special assignment, “For the Lord’s hand was with him.”


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