The Journey with Ron Moore

Take the time to thank God for the way he has demonstrated these attributes in your life.

Never assume you are too far from God. He is waiting, with open arms, for you to come back home.

He is always faithful. He will never leave you or forsake you.

Has looking at the ceiling for so long dulled your eyes and weakened your desire to take up your mat and walk?  Does guilt have your shoulders pinned and your heart discouraged? Ron Moore asks a penetrating question…the answer to which can set you free to walk again in Christ’s… Continue Reading…

Some things God demands of us don’t make practical sense.  But if we’re to grow in grace we must do the things that make sense to God alone.  And in the doing, we’ll experience things beyond human understanding. Today, Ron Moore shares those things that make for fresh encounters with… Continue Reading…

Today confess your sins before God. Ask him to forgive you and show you mercy through Jesus. Thank him for his grace and unconditional love.

Is Jesus your source of eternal salvation? By your own efforts, you cannot have a relationship with God no matter how hard and how long you try.

He, who was tempted fully, without sin, will give us all the mercy and grace we need to resist sin as well.

Make the phone call. Write a note. Send an email or text message. You are a grace receiver. Be a grace giver.

God doesn’t waste your time. He is reminding you that He is all you need, that His grace is abundant, and that He shows up with great power in your weakness.


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