The Journey with Ron Moore

Remember, prayer is simply talking to God. Tell him about the battle you are in (temptation, doubt, fear, anxiety).

He stands tall in the pages of scripture. A man bent and broken because he wrestled with God. A liar, schemer, and cheat whom God pummeled into a patriarch of the Jewish nation. Today Ron Moore looks into the troubled character of Jacob and the defining moment that changed his… Continue Reading…

Ask God to help you wait on him and watch him work.

The hinges of history are just as important as the doors to which they’re fastened. They allow one era to pass into another with a push from the sovereign hand of God. Today Ron Moore shares the story of a hinge-couple who connected two eras of God’s chosen nation. It’s… Continue Reading…

Thank him for the truth that he will always keep his promises.

What is there in life that you just can’t live without? The something or someone that makes every day brighter and better? Now, what if God asked you to give it, or him, or her up? Would you? As Ron Moore is about to share, that’s exactly what God asked… Continue Reading…

Ask God to strengthen your heart with his faithfulness and presence.

Thank God for the challenges of today that are preparing you for tomorrow.

There at the narrow border between obedience and disobedience stands the shaky attitude of pride.  And without careful support from God and His Word it can quickly topple into enemy territory. So, just ahead, Ron Moore is coming to offer scriptural warnings about the things that cause your pride to… Continue Reading…

We wrestle with God, pleading for his deliverance.


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