The Journey with Ron Moore

Do you wear feelings on your sleeve? Do you want everyone to notice what adorns your heart at any given moment? Ron Moore offers spiritual attire that will adorn the heart of God and uplift your emotions for all to see and desire.

We all desire the coat of many colors…the one that identifies us as special when we walk down the avenues of life.  But there are spiritual garments that are far more valuable in the streets of heaven, and when you learn their features, the coat of many colors will pale… Continue Reading…

You are beloved by the Heavenly Father.  And with that love He has clothed you in righteousness.  In addition, he’s provided apparel that identifies you as His child to a watching world. Ron Moore details the first two pieces of that wardrobe in just a moment.

Garments of Grace

When wanting to look your best in public, do you care about the appearance of your clothing?

And the same question could be asked of your spiritual apparel. Especially of those garments God has provided by His grace.  They comprise an eight-piece ensemble made of heaven’s finest virtues.  You’ll find that collection in Ron’s latest booklet titled: “Garments of Grace.

In “Garments of Grace,” Ron describes each piece and how it’s to be worn for God’s glory.  But here’s a warning: when you don this wardrobe, you will be conspicuous.  In a world dressed in filthy clothing, torn and tattered by sin, your attire will shine like the stars.

“Garments of Grace” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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