The Journey with Ron Moore

It’s been said that life is what happens while you’re planning for the future. But for those who follow Christ the planning has all been done. Discovering that plan is where we find not only life but “life abundant” and full of joy. Ron Moore helps you in that discovery… Continue Reading…

Don’t ask God to change his answer; ask him to change your heart.

Impacting the future begins today.

Preparation for the future always begins today.

Discovering God’s will is not just looking to the future; it is taking stock of the present. Do you need to get rid of some sinful static so you can clearly hear God’s voice?

This passage lists nine things that we can pray every day for our children and grandchildren.

Being a Christian is not about future “life insurance”; it’s walking with Christ today. When you follow Jesus, repentance will be demonstrated by your deeds.

Thank God for His willingness to help you leave your past behind and build you a new future. Nothing is impossible with Him.

His mercies are new every morning. It’s time to sing a new song!

Do you think it’s a coincidence that a job went away, a promotion didn’t happen, or that another move is in the future? God is the Great Director, and He has a great part for you to play.


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