The Journey with Ron Moore

Think of a person you love who is walking far from God…in a danger zone. Today pray that God will protect them, open their eyes, and bring them back home.

Let us remember that every act of service is significant to God.

One of these days people who just hang around will not be enough; you’re going to need someone to stick close. That day is coming. Better find that friend now.

Thank God for good friends!

How do you experience the mighty acts of God so that you can pass them on with passion?

The same God who created the stars loves you so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross so that you could be His friend forever. Ponder that!

How do you live for the next world when life in this one is reasonably comfortable? How do you live as a stranger in this world rather than its friend?

Do you have any blind spots? Any areas of obedience you overlook or just flat miss? I bet you do. You can bet I have mine and we need to deal with them.

Although he was the king’s son, Jonathan acknowledged David as the next king and made the sacrifices necessary for that to happen.

What an amazing truth! This is the foundation of our identity!  I am a friend of the Creator! The eternal, omnipotent, all-powerful, omniscient, all-loving God chooses to call me His friend! He chose me! He communicates with me! Let’s never get over that astounding truth!


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