The Journey with Ron Moore

Sing in spite of the chains that are holding you back. I can’t promise deliverance from your situation, but I can promise freedom within your situation. God will work in His way and in His time.

The road is lonely when we travel outside God’s clearly marked lanes. The solid lines are there, not to restrict our freedom, but to keep us in fellowship with Him. They warn us away from the ditch and the dark woods that lie beyond. Perhaps the loneliest of our fellow… Continue Reading…

Have the shackles of pain or circumstance left you feeling bereft of freedom?  Are you chained to past hurts and sins?  Did you know you can live in liberty bound by the former, while the latter can imprison you in a cell of your own making? On today’s podcast, Ron… Continue Reading…

It’s time to stop the secret games and make the journey home to God’s welcoming arms of mercy.

In the frontier between black and white are the “No Sin Zones.” Those gray areas where believers often differ over our freedom in Christ. Ron Moore shares four principles that should drive your behavior the next time you find yourself in the “No Sin Zones.”

Freedom draws a very large circle…love draws it smaller.  In between looms the possibility that the Gospel can be misunderstood. Ron Moore shares how the Apostle Paul dealt with that situation and how you can follow his example.

Liberty has limits.  While that statement may seem contradictory it actually grants even greater freedom…the freedom to do “as you should,” and not merely “as you want.” Ron Moore explains what it means to be truly free–within “loving boundaries.”

A shadow has passed over humankind. It wasn’t the real thing but it caused us to seek the source of the eclipse. And in the finding we discovered true freedom. Today Ron Moore shows us that real thing—the shadow-maker—that transforms a darkened heart into the light of the world.

Freedom, as defined by our licentious culture, is a gilded cage. Rather than giving us the liberty to pursue God’s best, it makes us free from righteousness and slaves to sin. Today Ron Moore hands us the key that makes escape possible and soaring flight a reality.

Sometimes freedom can become bondage.  A legal “right” can be very wrong and the highly valued can be callously discarded. Ron Moore and special guest Brian Fisher are here to examine those spiritual inconsistencies as they relate to the sin of abortion.


Are you looking for a place to shelter from life’s inevitable storms?  Is your heart desperate for a warm place to rest? Would you like to find safety and peace-of-mind where neither seems possible?

Well, the place where those are discovered is described in Ron Moore’s devotional booklet titled, “Refuge.”  Within its ninety-pages God’s promises of comfort, protection and healing will revive your spirit.

“Refuge,” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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