The Journey with Ron Moore

There is only one “monument” that can stand: A life transformed by Jesus.

Who was the king of righteousness and peace? And what does he have to do with your salvation? Today Ron Moore looks at this mysterious character from the Old Testament to help you discover the Great High Priest.

Thank God for never changing. Thank God that you can always depend on him to do everything he has promised to do.

God has made us to live forever, and through Jesus, we can live with God forever.

Your thirsty soul can finally and forever be satisfied by Jesus.

The door of heaven is open for all who trust in Jesus Christ.

To him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.

Life—now and forever—is found in Jesus alone.

How do you respond when God asks you to do something difficult?  Something that could alienate your closest friends.  Something that could alter your life forever. For biblical insight, today Ron Moore shares the story of one remarkable woman who was asked by God to bear the unimaginable.  In her… Continue Reading…

This truth gives us the freedom to respond to God’s amazing grace in loving obedience. Is that the life you’re living?


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