The Journey with Ron Moore

Sometimes delayed expectations lead to complacency. Like when a boat sits in dry dock for years, never sailing. Or, when waiting for the return of someone who’s coming seems suspect, given the elapsed time. Ron Moore demonstrates the connection between the eventual departure of that boat and the yet delayed… Continue Reading…

Since the devastating event of “the fall” sin has cascaded down the stream of history to become a flood of evil and despair. Now, God is ready to wash the slate clean and start again. Blessedly, as Ron Moore shares in this half-hour, grace floats and carries with it the… Continue Reading…


Prayer. That word, and the practice of it, fills you with great hope and struggling doubt. You wonder: what precisely is prayer? And how can I pray in a way that God hears and responds to me?  Those are the questions answered in Ron Moore’s insightful devotional titled: “Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life.

During this month long journey you’ll learn how living in awe of God, submitting to His will and resting in daily dependence on Him can make prayer engaging and effective.

Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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