The Journey with Ron Moore

Thank him for the truth that he will always keep his promises.

Ask God to strengthen your heart with his faithfulness and presence.

Even amidst my fears, doubts, and questions, He will always keep His promises.

Conquering your fears doesn’t always require power and resolve. Sometimes the only remedy is a gentle touch, and kind command, from God. In this half-hour, Ron Moore explores that transforming experience in the lives of three cowering disciples.

What does it take to conquer anxiety in your life? What three principles can enable you to face your fears and win? Those principles, distilled from a widely known story, are Ron Moore’s topic in this half-hour. Employ them and you’ll be equipped to battle the paralyzing fears that hinder… Continue Reading…

God wants a gift from you.  Wrapped up, tied in a bow, and laid at his feet.  He wants your fears…those in the open, and those hidden deep in your heart. Ron Moore encourages you to re-gift something you never really wanted in the first place.

They were minding their sheep and minding their business when the angel suddenly appeared. In an instant, the darkness of night turned to brilliant light. The angel, coming from the presence of God, brought with him God’s glory and the place lit up! No wonder the shepherds were terrified. But the angel addressed their fears.

You are being hunted.  As you stumble through the forest of earthly delights and fears, a hound is on your trail. But, when he finds you, you’ll not be harmed. Instead, you will be saved. What that word means, in all its richness, is Ron Moore’s topic on today’s broadcast.

First, prayer is communication with God. So prayer is much more than requests. It is talking to God as we would an intimate friend. It is sharing our life with Him–fears, frustrations, joys, sorrows, and, yes, our requests. Second, some turn prayer into a formulaic ritual. I thought of this… Continue Reading…

Jesus is the believer’s source of life. Say His name. Sing His praise. Tell Him how much you love Him. Tell Him how thankful you are for His work on the cross. Tell Him your struggles and ask for His strength. Tell Him your fears and ask for His peace. You are connected to the Source. Live each day in His eternal power.


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