The Journey with Ron Moore

When God is for us who can stand against us? Know what God has called you to do and get ‘r done!

If you are running away from God it’s time to stop and turn your heart back to him.

The battle belongs to the Lord. Give it to him and watch him work through you to plant a big rock in your giant’s forehead.

How would you like to be free? Truly free to live your life with significance and purpose. Free from fear and from guilt. Ron Moore speaks from experience and scripture to share the security of God’s promised liberty in Christ.

When you stand up and move out in prayerful faith, nothing can hinder you.

Ask God to allow you to experience his presence and strength.

You are not alone; God is with you. The weight may be heavy, but God will carry it for you.

Are you willing to give your fears to God and trust that he will never leave or forsake you?

Godly parents leave more than resources; they leave a legacy reward.

Remember, prayer is simply talking to God. Tell him about the battle you are in (temptation, doubt, fear, anxiety).


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