The Journey with Ron Moore

What is the Gospel?  How would you describe it? Today, Ron Moore explains the foundation that Paul laid in Romans to address that very question. It’s the only basis upon which we can stand before God the Father.

The Father ventured it all on love.  He gave His most prized gift to open the door of heaven for everyone who would believe. In this half-hour, Ron Moore reviews that wondrous prize so you may embrace it and have everlasting life.

He is right there with you. El Roi will never leave your side. He will always look after you.

You can trust him with your life, along with all your issues and concerns.

Today we begin to learn to talk to God—for real—in a deeper and more intimate way.

Caught in the grip of sin, we were helpless and hopeless. There was no way out. But then the Rescuer came.

Through it all, the Father is right there with you. Whatever your present state, you can experience and enjoy (yes, enjoy) the journey with Him.

I trust in Jesus as the only way to have a relationship with God, experience new life now, and live with Him forever.

He waits with open arms for all repentant sinners to come home. His heart is filled with compassion as He welcomes us back with wide open arms of grace. Today the gracious and loving Father is waiting for you. It’s time to come home.

His arms are open wide. He is ready to forgive and restore. But you have to come back home.


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