The Journey with Ron Moore

Spiritual fashion week occurs every week for the believer…and the runway runs right through your town. In view of that public display, Ron Moore helps you ditch the old man’s knock-offs and dress in the eternal Designer’s fresh creations.

Living Hope

What do you treasure most in life? Money? Sex? Popularity? Power? Let’s face it. What we think about and desire to have actually define who we really are inside. In fact, our mind is the GPS that points us to our treasure … and our heart is the engine that carries us to our prize.

All who have put their trust in Jesus Christ—and set their hearts and minds on things above (Colossians 3:2)—have found the greatest treasure of all. And as the Holy Spirit speaks through their internal GPS, they are guided along a path that leads to the ultimate prize: eternal life!

Are you ready for a new direction? Want to reset your spiritual GPS? This book will help you discover your greatest treasure of all—the hope of Jesus Christ living in you!

“Living Hope” is yours, as a digital download, for a gift of any amount.


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