The Journey with Ron Moore

Truth. Love. Obedience. Foundational stuff…that we often forget.

The qualities of goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love should be added to our faith.

Father, help me exercise my faith. Help me put my faith into action.

Is Jesus your source of eternal salvation? By your own efforts, you cannot have a relationship with God no matter how hard and how long you try.

How do you respond when God asks you to do something difficult?  Something that could alienate your closest friends.  Something that could alter your life forever. For biblical insight, today Ron Moore shares the story of one remarkable woman who was asked by God to bear the unimaginable.  In her… Continue Reading…

Love is a verb. To be truly expressed it requires action on the lover’s part. God demonstrated that kind of action with his son’s incarnation. Now He wants us to act in-kind. Today Ron Moore points us to a woman who lived that love for God and others. In her… Continue Reading…

Are you bearing spiritual fruit? Is anyone talking about your faith and love?

Circumstances, especially the negative ones, can swallow your faith. The question then is what do you do next? Do you struggle to rise above the situation or do you look elsewhere for help? Ron Moore examines just such a situation and the result of renewed faith in the One who… Continue Reading…

During those frightening, storm-tossed nights, when you cry in the darkness for safety and relief, where can you find real assurance? Real comfort?  Real security? In this program, Ron Moore will guide you to the one who rules the storm and your heart. Your circumstances may not change, but peace… Continue Reading…

Eternal life to all who believe. The Word became flesh: Sinful man in communion with the Holy God!


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