The Journey with Ron Moore

Look up! He is reaching out to you!

Godly decisions require talking to God. Forgetting to pray is a formula for failure.

Acknowledge that everything you have and your ability to acquire it comes from God. Thank God for all he has given you.

Dependence on ourselves is antithetical to dependence on God.

Father, help me exercise my faith. Help me put my faith into action.

He had everything . . . and nothing . . . at the same time. And then one day, the sad old man died. They said he experienced a rich full life . . . as he experienced an empty hellish eternity. He gained the world and lost his soul.

“He is the Maker of heaven, and earth, the sea and everything in them.” He “remains faithful forever.” Blessed is the one whose confidence is in Him.

Everything that pleases Him is good and right.

The requirement of a manager is to be faithful to what has been entrusted to you (1 Corinthians 4:2). Are you using God’s gracious gifts according to His desires?

Here’s the question. What is it costing you to serve Jesus? I mean, really? What sacrifices are you making for the One who gave it all for you?


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