The Journey with Ron Moore

Our Redeemer lives! And we have the confidence that he will deliver us safely home.

“Almost” is never a good response when eternity is on the line.  I “almost” made it results in the same destination as it does for the one who was never close. Ron Moore offers warning and encouragement for the “Almost Christian.” He implores you to take that last step into… Continue Reading…

Thank God that he is immutable and immovable. Thank him for his encouragement and protection. Let him know that you are clinging to him—even in the storm.

At work and school, do you sometimes stand for “right” in a storm of conflicting beliefs and values? A place where none have gone with you and still you follow. Well today, Ron Moore has words of comfort and encouragement from the lips of the One for whom you stand. … Continue Reading…

Children are a gift from God. Sometimes we doubt that. Especially when parenting isn’t going the way we thought it would. With that in mind, today, Ron Moore offers some relief from those expectations and scriptural encouragement for moms and dads.

When God opens our mouths with His message, we cannot be silent. We must share the truth God gives us so that people will know that He alone is the LORD.

This passage gives tremendous encouragement to us in facing death. Our Redeemer lives! We have confidence that He will deliver us safely home.

We continue with our discussion on the Sermon on the Mount, and learn that increasing our faith is a day-by-day process. Trust God for today. Join Ron Moore today on The Journey.

Let’s take a look at the Sermon on the Mount. How do we increase our faith in these challenging times? Join Ron Moore today on The Journey.

Continuing our study of Psalm 23, let’s use this time to accentuate God’s blessings in our lives, and never take them for granted. Join Ron Moore today on The Journey.


Are you looking for a place to shelter from life’s inevitable storms?  Is your heart desperate for a warm place to rest? Would you like to find safety and peace-of-mind where neither seems possible?

Well, the place where those are discovered is described in Ron Moore’s devotional booklet titled, “Refuge.”  Within its ninety-pages God’s promises of comfort, protection and healing will revive your spirit.

“Refuge,” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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